Connecting with God

At LifePoint, we "CONNECT" through worship. We place a high priority on connecting with God through music, prayer, devotion and discipleship. We believe it's important to worship God both publicly as well as privately.

Public Worship - Each week we gather together for the distinct purpose of worshiping God. We express our love to Him in our music, we honor Him in our giving and we grow closer to Him through the teaching of His word. 

Private Worship - We understand that worship shouldn't end when we leave the church. We express our love for God in our personal devotion, our lifestyle and in how we love others.  

Connecting with People

At LifePoint, we believe that no one is intended to travel the journey of life alone. You'll find opportunities to connect with others in one of our small group opportunities.

LifeGroups - Home based groups designed for individuals and families to make friends and find encouragement. 

Growth Groups - Designed specifically to help you along your journey inside a small group of people just like you. Growth groups meet on Sundays at 10AM and Wednesdays at 7PM.


"Growalution". It's a term we use at LPCC to describe the path of growth we believe God has for every follower of Christ. We want every believer to experience their own personal "Growalution". We want to provide attenders the opportunity for spiritual growth in a few different ways. 

Growth Track - Perfect for new families. You'll learn the mission and vision of LPCC, it's history and exactly what we believe. 

Sunday Morning Growth Groups - groups for every age. They're a great way to start the Sunday worship experience and there is something available for the whole family. 

Wednesday Night Growth Groups - Again, something for the whole family. 

LifeGroups - home based fellowship groups because at LPCC, we believe no one should travel the journey of faith alone.


At LifePoint, we believe our calling is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We try to take this calling very seriously as we serve our community and our world. Here are a couple of ways we try to fulfill that calling.

Mission BackPack 2020 - an initiative to provide children in our community with adequate school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year.

Thrive - an outreach to our community providing clothing, basic pet care and other items to those in need.

New Life Ministries - Our freedom from addiction and family support group, meets every Tuesday at 7 PM in our sanctuary